The Kingdom of God is now

The Kingdom of Your Heart...the glorious Church

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THE KINGDOM OF YOUR HEART...Our Call to the Glorious Church in America  
Now we are enabled to go deep into the truth with God the Holy Spirit to "hear," see, and spiritually discern the desire of Jesus' - Yeshua's heart for the Body of Messiah, the Glorious Church.  How it is now.  It is inexpressibly awesome. 


1 John 4:9 tells us:

This is the love of God made manifest where we are concerned: in that God sent His only Son to us, the world, that through Him we may live "absolute LIFE," "pure LIFE," in Him.

The Kingdom of God is here

 We are taking a drive into the Kingdom of God.

 You shall see and "hear" your life there.


 What you witness and experience is yours now,

 by Christ Jesus, Messiah Yeshua.  

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