WHAT?!...A Private Meeting For The Body of Christ In America

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 ISBN13: 97807414-52955

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The ground work begins to be laid for the revelation knowledge of God's Kingdom today.

Our first meeting of the body of Christ in America - focuses on weighty, inherent matters relative to us individually as members of Christ's Body, now. 


Straight Through Our Hearts


Are you wise in the affairs of life? Then why do you say in your heart, “let me do this wickedness that good may come of it.” 


  • Where do we stand as Christ's Body, His Church in America today? How did we get where we are, and why?
  • What are we doing?  Does it matter?
  • Who in the world are we?

Light - within the supernatural love and glory of God - illuminates what God is, what we are, what we are doing, what we are to do, and how.

       Can you handle it? 


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